Welcome to the Manitoba Pole Archery Association

The Manitoba Pole Archery Association (MPAA) has a long history in the Province of Manitoba. Beginning on March 7th, 1928, the MPAA has guided many pole archers and their respective clubs across Manitoba and into Ontario.

At the beginning, St Sebastian Archery Club of Winnipeg, MB was the only member club. Robin Hood Archery Club of Winnipeg, MB was formed in 1929. St Sebastianette Archery Club of Winnipeg, MB was established in 1975 as a Pole Archery club, after the ladies had initially been shooting as a target club. Mockingjay Archers Pole Archery Club (formerly the Artemis Archers and Merry Men clubs) of Richer, MB joined us in 2012. The club in Ste Rose du Lac, MB had folded, but was restablished in 2017. They have since taken on a new name - The Witty Belgian Archers. There was also a club in Dryden, ON, but it is no longer in existence.

With such a long history, we must be doing something right!

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You say you haven't tried
Pole Archery before?

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out just what fun
you've been missing!

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